We are readers in mid-coast Maine! My favorite bookstore is Left Bank Books in downtown Belfast where a welcoming bell tinkles when you open the door. Of course, there are the expected collections of mysteries, fiction, books about Maine, children’s books and biographies, but what makes this shop special is the personal attention. No teen behind the counter chatting with a friend on her cell phone here! The mature staff or one of the owners greet you when you enter and genuinely want to make a suggestion to help you find what you want. The shelves are stocked with over 6,000 personally selected titles you probably won’t find anywhere else, and they also carry bestsellers and the daily newspapers from New York and Boston. Do you have some time to browse? The tea kettle is always hot. Choose a bone china cup and settle into a worn velvet wing-back chair to read a few pages of your book selections before you make a decision. There are also imported chocolates, unusual greeting cards from England, and little whimsical tokens for each season. Sign up for the shop’s newsletter to learn when the talks by authors are scheduled.