A Good Communicator

An old friend recommended I contact Martha Laitin when I said I would need a buyer’s agent to represent me in viewing and purchasing a property in mid-coast Maine. That was excellent advice! From my first e-mail to Martha, asking if she would be willing to be my agent, to the closing, she was right there. She knew both the properties I had found on my internet search very well, as it happened, and arranged appointments with the listing agents for me to come up to Maine to view both the next week. The paperwork began that day when we went back to her office to finalize our real estate relationship, and to make an offer on the property I so wanted.

Throughout the process, Martha responded quickly and professionally by email and phone. She provided pictures, documents, maps, property history, explanations of real estate terms, even anticipated my likely dismay during waiting times with a cheerful word or a note of hope. More than once, in what for me was a financially complex and rather demanding process, Martha smoothed possible sticking points and made it happen. Martha made a call to a bank I was working with to get the exact information I needed. I was in another state and still working, so Martha met the listing agent at the property to get the water sample for testing, and Martha herself attended the septic system inspection. More than once she gave me the push needed to do something today, not tomorrow and, not least, she led the way by example.

Martha embodies the praise she reserves for a few—“a good communicator”—and brings warmth and understanding to what could be an alienating real estate transaction process. I’ll be moving to Maine, home of many of my ancestors, this summer to live for the rest of my days in a place I’ve dreamed of finding for more than 15 years. Martha’s personal and professional expertise helped make that possible. Thanks Martha!