Like a detective…

My wife and I have known Martha for years, but as long-time apartment dwellers we had no idea how real estate brokers worked, nor did we really consider hiring one since we had retiring family members with homes we could acquire. After a couple of imperfect fits, however, we became determined to find our own house in the Waterville area and realized that in order to shop correctly, we needed professional help. We went to Martha primarily for advice but quickly learned that her mid-coast territory and portfolio of properties that were a little beyond our price range really did not affect her ability to serve us in the Waterville area. She explained well what we could expect from her and answered our questions clearly and promptly.

We toured six properties with Martha, and like a detective she picked out certain clues and painted scenarios of the good and bad things that could become of them. From tracing holes left by ancient radiator systems to the threat of mosquitoes in the summer at a house adjacent to wetland, to potential geographic areas to satisfy our wants, she knew it all! That knowledge extended into the lending and insurance aspects, processes that can make anyone’s head spin.

I’m really glad we went with Martha to help us out on our home-buying journey. Looking back at all the timelines and hurdles that seemed problematic at first, they really weren’t that stressful with Martha’s guidance.