Martha, you’re the best!

Larry and I wish to thank you for your incredible patience and commitment in selling our home! 

We were delighted with the photos you took for advertising and your contributions to getting our house ready for sale. We were amazed when a bid for our home was offered after only one day on the market. A few days later, we received another offer for more than our asking price!  We decided to go with the first offer.   

As the situation developed, after the inspection, without your steady encouragement, support, and help, we probably would have tried to withdraw from the agreement. The demands, senseless requests, arrogance, pettiness, and nit picking from the buyers was beyond reasonable. Your knowledge, patience, willingness to help was admirable.  Up to the day of closing, when the buyers were demanding we pay for an expensive water treatment unit, you and their realtor saved the closing.

We appreciate you having gone above and beyond the normal real estate transaction.  You have 35 years experience as a realtor and we were blessed to have you as our agent because anyone with less experience could have thrown in the towel with these difficult buyers.  You were steady, persevering, always available and willing to help, even when your time and needs were compromised.  

Martha, you’re the best and we cannot thank you enough for all you have done!

PS Thank you so much for the lovely album that contained photos of our home and gardens.  It was so thoughtful of you. We will cherish it and all the happy memories we had there.