She is extremely knowledgeable about the area

We first became interested in moving our family to coastal Maine from Prescott, Arizona after reading an article about eco-minded towns in a magazine. We did some Internet searching and found Martha’s website right away, contacted her and received timely responses to our questions.

About 4 months after we first contacted Martha we had an opportunity to travel to Maine for 5 days with our 5 month old daughter and we saw many houses, most located around Belfast. Some of the houses we had found ourselves searching online, and others Martha had chosen for us to see based on our criteria and her opinion. We ended up finding a place that we really loved — Martha’s pick — and went forward with house purchasing procedures. It turned out to be a stale deal, the fault of the sellers, but Martha was able to point us in the direction of help and picked us back up again when we were ready to move on.

We ended up moving to a rental house [in Belfast] in August and looked for more [purchase] options. We eventually found a house that suited our needs. We decided we wanted to be within Belfast city limits, close yet still feeling like we are a bit removed. We sealed the deal a short time later, all the while staying in close and easy contact with Martha.

As first time homebuyers and a young couple with an infant and a dog, Martha was accommodating, helpful and very sweet through our real estate process. Our cross-country move was huge for us and our assurance that Martha would be there to help us in Maine once we arrived was very comforting. She is extremely knowledgeable about the area, giving us tips on places to go for walks in nature, including providing us with maps and brochures, advising us on good eating establishments and quality businesses to visit in the area.

We are settling into our new home and look forward to expanding our family and growing our own food next summer. With Martha’s help we were able to begin a lovely life in coastal Maine. She was not only our real estate agent, but became a friend and resident “aunt” to our daughter!