She made the process fun and understandable

I could not have wished for a more deeply knowledgeable, broadly capable, and warmly patient advisor, advocate and helpmate in the search for a home than Martha Laitin. She cheerfully and energetically searched with and for me over a period of months, keeping me hopeful when I grew dejected, and sternly advising against when I moved toward the charming location of what would have proved a nightmare! As I was looking mostly at older houses, Martha was intrepid when it came to slogging through brush and flooded basements, noting to me the sometimes subtle signs of issues which could lead to difficulty, as well as noting the structural and historical details which make looking at old houses a kind of detective work. Her keen eye and years of experience in the field proved invaluable.

When it came to the in’s and out’s of actually purchasing a house, Martha was the best advocate I could have asked for. Although Martha told me she doesn’t work with that many first-time home-buyers like myself any more, she nonetheless handled all my many questions with great patience and humor, as well as the assurance of one who truly knows how this entire process works. Martha also reminded me of the details I’d need to cover, the calls to make, the people I’d need to contact so that the process would go as smoothly as possible.

But it was she who saved the day when the sale would not have gone through at all, were it not for her assiduously stepping in at the eleventh hour, providing the necessary aid which made the sale happen. When insurance companies were shying from the old house I have bought, she made the calls and found the wonderful agent who was as cheerful and helpful as Martha and who, like her, got on the ball immediately and enabled me to get the insurance and so secure the loan. She made the process fun and understandable, and, ultimately, is the reason I am living in my home today.