She understood what we were looking for

Looking for an agent to help you find your perfect home in the Belfast, Maine area? Do you want to find someone who knows the area well, stays up-to-date on available houses, will listen to your needs, and go beyond what is required to make sure you get what you want in a home? Martha Laitin is just the person for you. 

When my husband and I (old New Englanders now living in the Midwest) had settled on Belfast as the place for our summer and retirement home, we decided that we wanted to work with an agent who had grown up in Belfast, would listen to what we said but also share ideas of her own, and would be comfortable working with us by phone and email when we weren’t able to be there in person. 

I talked with local friends and searched online and read biographies of nearly all the agents in the area, and then had a telephone conversation with Martha. She responded promptly to my call and was very personable and professional and understood what we were looking for.  Fortunately she had no problem with the fact that we were located half way across the country and that, as it was term time at the University of Minnesota, my husband (a professor of anthropology) would not be able to be with us in our first and second viewing of houses. In touring houses that both Martha and I had identified as possibilities I truly felt that she was focused on us and our needs, as if we were her only clients (we weren’t). I enjoyed visiting the houses with her as it was rather like being accompanied by a delightful and knowledgeable friend. And, within two days we had identified the perfect house for our needs. 

Martha really knows the business of real estate and was an immeasurable help with all the paperwork and other fine points of buying and selling houses, and especially helped us through deciding on an offer and all the ensuing negotiations, right through the closing. And even now, nearly three months after the closing, she has assisted me in tracking down the deed to our house.