We were in good hands

I highly recommend Martha Laitin’s services! My family could not be happier with the home we found with her help, and with how the entire process went. Martha’s professionalism, thoroughness, and calm, upbeat demeanor were so reassuring for us. She made the home buying process much less stressful than it could have been. We had a great sense that we were in good hands, and that she was watching out for our best interests.

Her wealth of experience allowed her to see much more in a listing or a house than my untrained eye was able to pick up. She also seemed to enjoy the detective work of researching a home. She gave great reports on homes we were interested in, often full of surprising history and details. She was able to steer us away from homes that I thought looked good on paper, until she did some research and pointed out their shortcomings. One home had unusually small windows, and interior rooms with no windows. Another had a well drilled in the basement! Avoiding these kinds of dead ends saved us time and frustration. At the homes we did visit, there were many instances where she noticed a small detail, like a rust stain, and knew that it likely meant a larger issue. She was totally unbiased, and mentioned pros and cons for each home. We always felt like she was in our corner, and never felt pressured to buy something that wasn’t a perfect fit.

She also had great advice on all other aspects of the process, from advice about how much to bid to recommendations for how to get estimates on repair costs. We found a mortgage broker, building inspector and closing attorney through her recommendations, and all of them worked out wonderfully.

Finding the right home is such an important process. I am so glad we had Martha’s expertise on our side!